A Clean Slate

April 2, 2013



I’ve been thinking about exactly what a clean slate means, especially in light of Holy Week.
A clean slate means we’ve wiped clear whatever was there–just like one of my childhood favorite games, Etch-a-sketch. I drew a lot of silly stuff, made mistakes, created pictures on the toy, but as soon as I turned that red rectangle over and shook it, I had a clean slate. A clean board to begin anew.
Christians believe that’s what Jesus’ death did and does for us. We are forgiven for our sins, given a clean slate to work with. Brand new mercies come each day.
But, I was reminded this season to also extend that clean slate to others. I’m not pretending to be the savior of the world (thankfully, none of us are), but I am reminded of Scripture and the Lord’s prayer that says: Forgive us our sins as we forgive others their sins. (See Matthew 6:12)
A few verses later, scripture reminds us that if we don’t forgive others, we will not be forgiven (Matthew 6:15). We need to forgive.
So as a Post-resurrection vow, I’m not letting old issues and old attitudes and old petty stuff get in the way. I’m giving myself a clean slate. But I’m also giving others a clean slate.
When I’m tempted to think of the hurt or the annoyance, I’m going to shake my head and clear those thoughts…and envision that clean slate.
Thank you Lord for a clean slate.

By katara

I’m trying to use my love of writing and passion for keeping this journey real and relevant to help others navigate successfully and happily through life. It is a journey filled with ups and downs, potholls and mountaintops…but it does not have to be walked alone.

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  • Kathy Cassel

    April 2, 2013 at 6:17 am

    Good thought about giving others a clean slate too. Sometimes hard to follow through on, but we need to do it.

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