• A Great Boss

    As I work on my manuscript for my third book (yes, I’m still amazed myself) Successful Leaders of the Bible, I’ve been reading some of the accounts of Biblical leaders and focusing on the qualities that either made them outstanding leaders–or not. I’ve had several bosses in my career. Many were outstanding and only a […]

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  • Reflections on getting a book published–Part 1

    This week my very first book (written under my name) was released! And in my more than 20-something years of publishing, I’ve learned just as much this week (or leading up to it) that I learned in journalism school and working in the industry combined (well, that’s a little of a stretch, but the essence […]

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  • Happy New Year–My throwback resolution

    Happy New Year!       Happy New Year! How’s the resolutions or goals or new mantras going? Some people say they don’t make resolutions anymore, but I do think a fresh year gives us a time to reflect and ponder what we might want to do more of, do less of, do differently, etc.

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  • Getting Ahead Of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Depression)

    My Happy Light is one of the ways I get ahead of seasonal depression.   It’s that time of year…darkness comes earlier, the days are shorter, and if you’re like me, you feel like you sometimes just want to hibernate like a bear and sleep the entire winter away. But, since I’ve been around the […]

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  • The Making of Dreams

    Just a quick post today–as I commit to posting more regularly about life and faith: This week, I ran into one of the first people who paid me to edit a book “on the side.” It was great seeing him and reflecting on the fact that it had been more than 10 years since I […]

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  • Finding God in the “Everyday” Reposted

    It’s no secret that our lives are busy. It’s as if someone pushed the “extreme” button in the new millennial and we started racing to the finish line. Is it technology—the smart (or not-so-smart phones), tablets, and other devices that keep us sooooo connected via all of the social networking sites? Is it the fact […]

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  • Birthday countdown…What I am learning this year (part 3 of 4)

    …reflecting on what I’m learning as I turn 43 in a few days (this has been a challenging task to keep up with!) One of the themes of this week: Where has the time gone? (Look at lil K at about 6 weeks at her first outing…and now, at 3.5 years old! It feels like […]

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