• Anxiety…yikes; How I handled it on this day

    Anxiety falls under the same umbrella as depression…and for much of my depression journey, I’ve not be aware of anxiety issues (or at least the depression part took center stage)….but today, I am in a weird  sort of way. Something is off kilter in my body: I’ve been waking up before the rosters all year […]

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  • New Year’s Resolutions

    One year I really enjoyed my New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what I recall doing and why that year’s resolutions worked out so well.   I made reasonable and measurable goals; I even had check points to measure the progress along the way. For example, one of my overall goals was to get out of bad […]

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  • I’ve Decided To Not Be Offended

    I’ve decided to not be offended! I’ve been playing around with a few thoughts lately…and I’m so happy to have married a thinker and talker who can give me some perspective and good material! (thanks D!) During one of our recent conversations, Derrick pressed me to think about the difference between “bad” and “annoying.” Is […]

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  • Holiday Grief Guide

    As we plan to celebrate Thanksgiving and all we’re grateful for this year, I am thinking and especially praying for a few friends who have buried parents within the past year…and will set one less place setting this holiday. For some who are in the difficult position of a fresh loss, holidays can be really […]

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  • Pacing yourself/avoiding burn out

    After I delivered a message on people of faith and depression at a prayer breakfast in Chicago, my cousin, good friend and I walked to my car. My cousin, who is dealing amazingly well with her Parkinson’s disease, had awakened at 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning to be ready to attend the breakfast with […]

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  • Definition of Depression

    Just a quick post on the definition of depression (okay, I don’t make quick posts!)– I know in this world of language and assorted semantics, one word can often be used to mean many different things; the same is true for depression! I’m guilty of it too…I just said to myself: I was so depressed […]

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  • Depression Meds–getting out

    Since my struggle with depression, I’ve tried to take note of times I don’t feel depressed–times when I don’t have that numb feeling following me throughout my day. I’m happy to report that lately I’ve been feeling like my old self more and more. Why, you ask and I ask myself? I’ve been getting out! […]

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  • Faith and Suffering

    Since I’ve committed to writing about women of faith and depression, I want to share when I’ve found something very helpful (and true!) During my Bible reading time (I pray for help to read more!), I read the devotional commentary and Scripture from Aspire: The New Woman of Color Study Bible. This Bible was one […]

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