• New Year’s Resolutions

    One year I really enjoyed my New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what I recall doing and why that year’s resolutions worked out so well.   I made reasonable…

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  • I’ve Decided To Not Be Offended

    I’ve decided to not be offended! I’ve been playing around with a few thoughts lately…and I’m so happy to have married a thinker and talker who can…

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  • Holiday Grief Guide

    As we plan to celebrate Thanksgiving and all we’re grateful for this year, I am thinking and especially praying for a few friends who have buried parents…

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  • Definition of Depression

    Just a quick post on the definition of depression (okay, I don’t make quick posts!)– I know in this world of language and assorted semantics, one word…

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  • Depression Meds–getting out

    Since my struggle with depression, I’ve tried to take note of times I don’t feel depressed–times when I don’t have that numb feeling following me throughout my…

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  • Faith and Suffering

    Since I’ve committed to writing about women of faith and depression, I want to share when I’ve found something very helpful (and true!) During my Bible reading…

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  • Women of Faith and Depression

    This weekend (on my 41st birthday, to be exact), I had the opportunity to share with the women of Bethany Baptist Church in Evanston during their one-day…

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  • First post

    My hubby set me up with a blog, something I’ve been wanting for a while. I intend to post about life and to be as transparent as…

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