• Birthday Countdown Part 2

    Part 2 of My Birthday Countdown…What I have learned this year (and week!)   August 17: (#8) I love being able to combine work and family time. A princess party for an author’s book and a 3.5 year old princess equals a fun (even if exhausting) day. And to think, when I accepted this job […]

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  • Countdown…what I’ve learned this year! Part 1 of 4!

      So…in an effort to make up for a pretty quiet blogging summer…I’m going to do 31 quick blogs leading up to my birthday! I used to celebrate my birthday the entire 31 days before the actual day. It started one year when my dad looked at the calendar on August 10 and said “It’s […]

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  • What are you modeling?

      Modeling is my word of the week. I like it. It really has nothing to do with fashion or the runway, but more with our behavior and what we are “modeling” to others—co-workers, employees, kids, spouses, etc.

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  • Honoring Mama (a part of my Mother’s Day series)

              That’s me…with my mom sometime in the early 70s!     I had planned to post this during my series of blogs on Mother’s Day week (how to celebrate Mother’s Day when mom is no longer on Earth); well, as grief would have it, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bring […]

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  • Living in Color

    I’m seeing in color. I am living in color! For anyone who has dealt with depression, you probably have more than an inkling of what it means to see in color (and to just see gray). When I am depressed—especially for a prolonged period of time—things seem gray; unclear, uninteresting, dull…like I just want to […]

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  • A Clean Slate

      I’ve been thinking about exactly what a clean slate means, especially in light of Holy Week. A clean slate means we’ve wiped clear whatever was there–just like one of my childhood favorite games, Etch-a-sketch. I drew a lot of silly stuff, made mistakes, created pictures on the toy, but as soon as I turned […]

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  • Senior Citizens and Depression: How Can You Help?

    How can you help seniors with depression? I know I’m guilty of not always remembering the trials and tribulations senior citizens (usually those over 65 but sometimes younger) may encounter. But depression among seniors is a reality. Consider this: You’ve retired or been forced to stop working because of illness, a lay off or downsizing, […]

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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year (2013!) The first full week in 2013 was an incredibly good week for me…and I want to share what I’ve learned from it and why I may be feeling so good.

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  • Naming your emotions

    Naming your emotions and what causes them   Do you ever suddenly feel sad? Angry? Down? One thing I’ve learned to do…and still need to practice doing…is naming my emotions. If I begin to feel out of balance, I try to think about what has occurred recently. Did I have a troubling conversation a few […]

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